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Converge Consulting Group Inc.is a boutique management consulting practice with a reputation for excellence and an ability to handle the most challenging of projects.

Applying system thinking and methods in bringing people and process together to improve performance and achieve remarkable results.

Located in Calgary, Alberta,  Canada, Converge has been supporting our clients across Canada, the United States, Europe and Australia for over twenty years.


Leading Change

Helping you lead the change you want to see by building your internal change capability to bring it about. Change that sticks comes from within.

The Practitioner of Change extended learning process sets the standard by engaging your people.

Operational Excellence

Improving operational and organizational performance through technologies such as Lean, Lean Six Sigma, Process Physics, Performance Measurement, and Improvement Science.

Helping organizations do it better, faster and at lower cost.

Creating Customers

Creating customers by generating customer pull over product push.

Our Voice of the Customer identifies critical touch points, gathering feedback information that drives product and service improvement.

Better Workplaces

Converge Lean HR shows you how to build high performing workplaces that fully engage your people.

Sound employee feedback is required. Voice of the Employee reduces the error rate of traditional engagement surveys from 90%  to less than 1%.


What Makes Converge Different


The Five Principles Guiding Our Work are also the foundation for the next generation of leadership as detailed in our Performance Improvement Toolkit.    
Building Internal Capability

Building and supporting your internal capability improves business performance and does in a sustainable way. Converge works with you as a partner.

Reputation of Excellence

Converge has  built a reputation for excellence in our practice areas. Our work has been published in technical and peer-reviewed journals, recognized as global best practice and made headlines. More importantly, that reputation is strongest with our clients. Our business has grown by delivering exceptional results to customers.

Working with Converge is a bit different from working with other consulting firms. First, we don’t tell you what you want to hear–we give you the facts–honest feedback to support evidenced-based decision making.

No spin, no economisting, because neither improves business performance.

Transparency guides our work.

We make no claim to having secret hidden knowledge or some magical model buried in the back office.

We publish our methodologies in peer reviewed journals and have published books on process improvement approaches and performance measurement techniques. We don’t sell magic, we sell expertise that works like magic.

We are grounded–connected to the real world.

If you are looking for the latest pop management fad, or flight of consulting fancy, you may want to look elsewhere. If you have real problems or conditions that need to be addressed, talk to us. We have our feet on the ground and ready to go to work for you with the latest evidenced-based approaches.

We love what we do and it shows.

The first thing you will notice about us is enthusiasm. We love to dive in, solve problems and generate positive results for our clients. Funny thing about people who love their work, they tend to be good at it. We might even have a little fun along the way.

Our friend Peter Scholtes said there should be joy in work. He was right.