Public Consultation Processes

Public engagement must give people a real opportunity to have constructive, meaningful input in the development of objectives and solutions that affect them and their communities. When people believe they can have an impact, they participate and they become engaged.

Our work in public engagement projects has been recognized in the International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management as a Global Best Practice in 2004. The recognition focused on our processes for ensuring the voice of the citizens and stakeholders was captured and embedded in system redesign and supporting actions.

Some Engagement Projects

Converge has led numerous high profile community consultation and engagement projects where performance results were essential. These include:

The Multi-Jurisdictional Community Consultations on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. In one of the most high profile community consultations conducted, Converge led a multi-phase community consultation process on the issues and solutions for Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. The consultation saw attendance by community members, social groups and organizations, the business community, representatives of the City of Vancouver as well as the Mayor of Vancouver, and the Provincial and Federal Ministers Responsible for Housing.

Search Conference facilitation of the Joint Municipal/Provincial Task Force addressing issues of Homelessness in Calgary. The resulting framework and policy documents were adopted by both levels of Government, created The Calgary Homeless Foundation and was identified as a best practice model by the Canadian Federal Government in addressing issues of homelessness.

Developing a policy and funding framework for Supporting People Living with HIV/AIDS in Southern Alberta. Once developed, the framework quickly became the model for assisting those living with HIV/AIDS across Alberta. This approach was later adopted by a number of Canadian provinces and has been used by jurisdictions in Europe and Asia.

Community/Partner consultations on the delivery of Children’s Services in Calgary on behalf of the Province of Alberta. The results of these consultations contributed to the specific organizational and operational design of the Calgary Child and Family Service Area that later served as a model for all other CFSA’s in the Province.

Community consultations on building a better Forest Lawn community in Calgary. In one of the most innovative uses of community consultations at the time, Converge conducted the first large-scale community consultation with the residents of Forest Lawn. A consultation that set the record for participation in Calgary. The results of that work are still being felt today.

Designing a funding framework and allocation model for the Alberta Governments’ FCSS program. The development of this work required the definition of a policy and decision making framework agreed upon by all stakeholders, including all municipalities in Alberta. This policy and funding framework has been in place, largely unchanged for over a decade.




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