Change Leadership

The challenges of today’s business environments require organizations to design and implement the structures, processes, and systems that allow their people to flourish—and needs to encourage appropriate change and growth in order to keep up with the competitive marketplace.

As a result of these changing environments, individuals and ultimately their organizations need different internal competencies to compete. These environments demand more strategic responses and direction that is focused. They also need the ability to change. An increasing awareness of organizational values and the impact of culture have made it even more challenging to lead effectively. Even more importantly, there is a much greater understanding of the organization as a “system”; interdependent and necessary elements of the organization are intertwined and connected in a variety of ways and means.

Ultimately, there is more emphasis on change leadership … the ability to inspire and influence organizational members differently, to grow the business and to build adaptability and resilience into the organizations we design and the individuals that fill them. A direct result is that organizations are beginning to emphasize and understand more fully the need for highly engaging and collaborative approaches; ones that engage all members of the organization in their individual development, and development and that improves the way the business operates.

The discipline and practice of organization development have never been more critical. HR business partners are increasingly called upon to improve the structures, systems, and processes that impact people and performance. And organizations that aspire to greatness are increasingly turning to their HR business partners to help them get there.

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The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscape but in having new eyes.”

– Marcel Proust

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