Policy Analysis

The Converge approach to policy research is grounded to the basic principles that guide our work. We emphasize evidence-based approaches, bringing a rigorous approach to data gathering, analysis and interpretation.

Converge Consulting Group is not a policy research think tank. We do not subscribe to preconceived ideas, theories or positions. We don’t engage in decision-based evidenced making.

We work the other way around. We identify the desired outcomes and then gather and interpret evidence as to the best way to achieve these outcomes. This means taking an unbiased approach and going where the evidence leads (as opposed to generating leading evidence).

Some Of Our Work

  • Converge was asked to design a funding framework and allocation model for the Alberta Government’s FCSS program. The development of this work required the definition of a policy and decision making framework that could be agreed upon by all stakeholders, including the provinces municipalities. This policy and funding framework has been in place for over a decade.
  • Our work in developing a policy and funding framework  for supporting people living with HIV/AIDS in Southern Alberta has been referenced in numerous publications. Once developed, the framework quickly became the model for assisting those living with HIV/AIDS across Alberta.
  • We worked with a Joint Municipal/Provincial Task Force addressing issues of Homelessness in Calgary. The resulting framework and policy documents were adopted by both levels of Government, resulting in the formation of The Calgary Homeless Foundation (among other things) and saw Calgary as a best used practice model by the Federal Government in addressing issues of homelessness.

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