The core or root cause of problems confronting public and not-for-profit administration is capacity–the big crunch of expected to do more with less. Strategy alone won’t help. No organization expanded capacity by talking about it, nor by setting objectives, drafting plans, identifying core competencies, conducting a SWOT analysis, or getting the ‘right’ measures.

The strategy itself needs direction, and in the public sector, that direction is capacity. Any other focus will produce only the usual blue sky, public relations twaddle suitable for the 42nd floor of head office.

With capacity as the aim, strategy can take form. At the strategic level, capacity is dictated by Little’s Law–your capacity=amount of work system can hold/cycle time. Any strategy, or any action arising from the strategy,  that doesn’t increase the amount of work the system can hold or reduce the cycle time, will not increase capacity–period.

Strategy development at Converge, therefore, is driven by the need to improve performance by expanding capacity and we know precisely where we have to look to do that.



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