Employee Research

Built on the methods of Voice of the Customer research, generally regarded as the best practice in customer research, Voice of the Employee:

  • Focuses on theĀ  problems or issues of importance to the employer/employee relationship. This means identifying areas that have practical significance as opposed to statistical significance. The result is a highly focused set of improvement priorities that can be used to establish an effective change agenda for the organization.
  • Provide solid analysis of both numerical and quantitative responses as well as qualitative or written responses. The result here is a broader and deeper understanding on the employer/employee relationship, one that can be used as a basis for action.
  • Speak your language; specifically the language of management. You won’t find t-tests, Z-scores or tests of statistical significance in our research. You will see a heavy emphasis on graphical displays of data along with evidence-based conclusions that serve as a solid foundation for change.

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Some Of Our Work

  • Tervita Corporation use Converge’s VoE to survey all of its employees across it’s various operating entities. VoE results are now used to identify areas of concern as well as identify trends and patterns of response as they occur over time.
  • Diavik Diamond Mines has used VoE to analyze the state of the employer/employee relationship for itself and its various supporting contractor organizations. This work is now being analyzed over time so Diavik can assess the impact of improvement initiatives.
  • Voice of the Employee is cost-effective for small organizations as well. Calgary YMCA has used VoE to help monitor and improve their employer/employee relationship — including the relationship with part-time and volunteer staff.



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