Statistics the “science” behind disinformation

CALGARY, AB, Aug. 1, 2013/Troy Media/ – Statistics. Now there’s a word that strikes fear into the hearts of first year college students and boredom into everyone else. Say the ‘S’ word at a party and watch people make for the exits. If economics is the ‘dismal science’ then statistics is the ‘OMG it’s so incredibly boring I’d rather watch paint peel science’.

I get it. But it’s still statistics that enables Google to understand what you are searching for and Amazon to recommend books you will like. Modern manufacturing can’t work without statistics. Nor can the power or water utilities you rely upon (and it’s statistics that ensures the water is safe to drink). That smart phone you’re using? It works because of statistics. Same for those life saving medical procedures and devices we’ve grown accustomed to. Statistics is the means by which data is transformed into information. So whether we realize it or not, it’s statistics that makes our information society work.

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