Data from StatCan’s National Household Survey worthless

CALGARY, AB, May. 16, 2013/ Troy Media/ – There is much talk today of ‘big data’. As our world goes digital, companies, governments, not-for-profits, and organizations of all sorts obtain vast quantities of data about, well, virtually everything.

But is the data any good? So far, the talk has been about quantity, but not quality. That may be because there is so little quality to speak of.

Take, for example, the first data releases from the National Household Survey (NHS) of Statistics Canada. Released earlier this month, the quality of the results has come under criticism because the voluntary NHS survey replaced the compulsory long-form census questionnaire. In effect, this replaced a random sample with a non-random sample. Non-random samples have their place, but making conclusions about the population isn’t one of them. <Read the Entire Article>

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